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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Baby is Turning Into a Big Girl

I'm getting better with the fact that The Baby is growing and turning into a big girl. Some days are still harder than others, but today is a good day. She has gone to bed without her binky for 4 out of the last 5 nights, so she's officially done with her baby binky. It was so much easier than I thought it would be for her. I did give it to her one night, but she had a really rough day with barely any sleep and I just couldn't handle the crying anymore. I felt so bad for her that I needed to give her whatever would help her. That was Sunday night. Since then, it's been smooth sailing with her going to sleep without it. She is also transitioning to big girl milk (cow's milk) as of yesterday. She seems to be doing great with this also. She's been sucking down her bottles better than before. Granted, I started by mixing breast milk and big girl milk together, but I think she'll be just fine with it. I'll gradually started to make the mix with less and less breast milk until my freezer is empty. I'm thinking in a couple of weeks, she'll be drinking strictly big girl milk.

On top of those exciting big girl moments, The Baby is standing unassisted more and more and I've been able to get her to take a step or two without holding onto anything. When she realizes she's not holding on, she quickly reaches out for something or falls to her but to crawl. I think these things are way more exciting to me than her. When I tell her good job or good girl, she looks at me like what's the big deal mom.

The Baby is also trying to say more and more words. We get the occasional thank you (used at the right time), dada, momma, Roscoe (pronounced Ra Ro or Raco), hi, and yeah. She also does a lot of babbling, but some words are getting clearer and being used in the right context. She can also wave now. She even paired a wave with a hi the other day. The Man was the one that got to witness that first, so that's pretty awesome for him. He doesn't get many firsts since he's so busy with everything he's doing.

So yeah, The Baby is slowly but surely turning into a big girl and will be there before I know it I'm sure. I'm continuing to play with her as much as possible, take lots of pictures and videos and savor every baby moment that comes along. I'm getting better with the fact that she won't be a baby for much longer. Sometimes it still makes me tear up, but for the most part it makes me smile. To see this amazing little person turn into who she is and watch her learn what the world around her is all about is a precious gift that I am so blessed to have. She is my little angel face and I adore her!

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