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Thursday, September 1, 2011

13 Months Old

My orignal title for this post was "Happy Friday and 3 Day Weekend!" and then I remembered that it's Thursday, oops!  hahaha. I got a little ahead of myself.  Wishful thinking I guess.

The Baby is 13 months old today.  August always go by way too fast for me, but this time it by especially fast. 

It's amazing how much can happen in one month!  The Baby is walking, almost running, which she hadn't done yet on her birthday.  She is almost all the way done with drinking a bottle.  She could probably be done, but I'm the one that's having a hard time letting go of our bedtime routine where I hold her in my arms in our chair and rock her while she sucks down her bottle.  I just can't seem to let go of that precious moment yet.  I keep telling myself that I have to for her sake and will, when I'm ready.  My goal is to have her totally off of the bottle by the middle of the month...or maybe the end....I don't know, we'll see.

Arya's cousins have started a new school year, so her schedule with her Papa has changed.  She now spend the morning with him, they go pick up her cousins, go back to their house, then Papa brings her back to our house in the afternoon after my sister-in-law get home from work.  I was a little worried about how all this would work out for my FIL, but now that it's started I think it's actually good for him and The Baby.  He walks her to the school in a stroller to pick up the kids at school and has to actually go inside to get them since they are in Kindergarten.  I love that she gets to get out and about, sees people and kids, and gets the experience of a school environment.  And, I love that he's taking a walk every day for himself.  Even if it's a short walk, it's still better than nothing like he did before.  I also love that The Baby gets to spend some alone time with her Papa and still spend time with her cousins.  So all in all, I'm feeling good about what she's doing during the day while I'm at work.

One other thing that The Baby has figured out how to do is open her toy box all by herself!  She is slowly but surely turning into a little girl and although it makes me sad sometimes, for the most part it makes me really happy and proud!  I adore this little soul more than anything in the world and more than I can ever put into words.  It is such a joy to watch her become herself and grow more and more every day.  Happy 13 months to my baby girl!  I can't wait to see what she learns in the month to come.  :)


  1. I seriously just love her! It's so fun to read about her developments and remember when Kaylin was doing those things for the first time, especially open the toy box :) I was ECSTATIC the first time she did it, now I spend allllll my days putting toys back in the box, lol. Happy 13 months beautiful girl!!!

  2. Your little girl is adorable!!! I have a 19-month-old son. It's so amazing to me the progress they make in such a short time!