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Thursday, July 21, 2011


I just realized today how great it feels to have my body back. Not necessarily my shape and size that I want to be, but that it's all mine again. I stopped pumping for The Baby 4 weeks ago. I didn't realize how much of my body was being used for her. It's like we were still sharing even though she was no longer inside of me. I was careful about what I ate and drank and made sure not to loose more than 2 pounds a week for fear of contaminating her milk with toxins. Since I stopped pumping, I've started to eat less, walk more, take the stairs and do ab and weight work outs. I didn't realize until today that the thing that was holding me back was pumping. Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad that I did it and will do it again for my next child, but it definitely restricts me from doing whatever I want when I want. I would have to set time aside to actually pump and throughout the day my breasts would get full and uncomfortable, which made me not want to do physical activity at all (other than walking). As I'm typing this I realize that it hasn't just been the pumping that's taken away from my freedom, but also the whole part of being pregnant before that. So, technically I haven't had my body to myself for 21 months. That's a long time!! No wonder it feels so good now!

I am really feeling good these days. Taking care of myself and getting my health on track is making me feel great. Now I just I have to be patient and let the weight loss happen naturally.

Freedom really does feel nice!!

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