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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


SO, last week I had a colonoscopy to remove a very large polyp that needed to be removed. My doctor called me today to tell me that the polyp was benign and I'm in the clear. I am so incredibly relieved!! Going through this whole ordeal has motivated me to continue on my track of good health and make more efforts to eliminate my occasional slip ups. My down fall is when I don't feel like cooking and we end up eating pizza or fast food. We are getting better, but I need to make it a point to keep on track because I don't want to have anymore scares like this one. The better I am, the better I will be and the better I will feel. :)

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  1. Thanks for coming by today! I gained about 55 pounds with The Boy, so I know the feeling. I'm about the same weight as I was when I got pregnant, but its still over weight for my height. I hope to lose 10 pounds before my HS reunion this fall. I think that should be doable as long as I lose an adverage of 1 pound a week.